BasketBuild site feature rollout!

It's Patch Tuesday!

(Just kidding)


Today we're announcing a couple of neat features that have been rolled out to the site. The first (and most important) was actually submitted to me by a site user. I thought this was a great idea and decided to do it immediately.


Redirect to latest upload

You can now redirect users to the most recently uploaded file in any directory! Just add "?latest" to the end of any directory URL and it will automatically send users to the most recently uploaded file.

For example:


Blog post URLs are now SEO friendly

Blog post (and category) URLs now have English language slugs instead of post IDs. All posts and categories have been converted to this new system and old style URLs will cease to work. This is to make links easier to read, as well as just being SEO friendly.


More useful 404 pages!

Instead of displaying some cryptic error message when a non-existant link is followed, we now have a fancy-pants 404 page. See it here!


What do you think about these recent updates? Let us know in the comments!

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