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Team OctOs is an Android Open-Source Project utilizing Android 7.x (AOSP) and LineageOS code bases. The builds included here mirror that of our website Team OctOs was formed on a few core beliefs. The ROM had to be something we’d run, reliable, and customization by the user to the level of their desire. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Supported Devices, the License under which we live by, our ChangeLog, and the Team OctOS team. Disclaimer: OctOs is considered a “Work in Progress” project. While we make every attempt to provide stable and reliable custom Android operating systems, we can not guarantee that everything will work as expected. The development team is not responsible for any damage to your device or information Team OctOs presents ROMs that meet three critical conditions: It’s a ROM we want to run Stable and Reliable AOSP feel and User-Customization together in harmony Releases appear when we are satisfied in their stability, and not before hand. We live by the credo that Stability trumps ‘Bleeding Edge’ and not ‘New is everything’.

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