BasketBuild file listing WordPress plugin released

WordPress developers, start your engines!

One of our members by the name of Simon Sickle has graced us with the presence of a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to display your uploaded files externally using our public JSON API. This plugin is incredibly easy to use and has a few neat features to boot.

From the README:


BasketBuild API Lister

This is a WordPress Plugin meant for developers
who use the BasketBuild service. To use this plugin
simply create a page or post and then use a shortcode

Things you can do with this plugin

Show all files/directories you have uploaded
call: [basketbuild dev="YOUR_DEV_NAME"]

Show a specific directory
call: [basketbuild dev="YOUR_DEV_NAME" directory="device/folder/"]

Show a download button:
call: [basketbuild-file dev="YOUR_DEV_NAME" file="device/folder/"]


Special shout out to Simon for creating this! You can download it here (, and don't forget to leave him a donation!

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