BasketBuild home page now looks less ugly

Pretty nifty, eh?

We are always coming up with new ideas on improving the user experience on the BasketBuild website. Every time I looked at the home page I would cringe. Let's face it, home pages are usually ugly as sin. Ours sure was. Today we're announcing the very beginnings of a complete UI overhaul on the BasketBuild website which, yes, includes the home page. The new home page, once fully completed, will be a source for all things BasketBuild. We will feature different developers from the community, various top downloaded files, and a few of these blog posts. A small part of the new home page has already been published, and features six hand-picked developers (and development teams) from the community!

Okay, so how do developers get featured on the home page?

The requirements are pretty simple. You must:

  • Have a clean custom header image that identifies you or your team
  • Have been a registered BasketBuild member for at least 30 days
  • Publish links to your awesome work on forums such as XDAAndroid Central and Android Forums
  • That's it!

We are working many man-hours to bring you this latest design update and would love to get your opinion, so drop us a comment below!

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