Downloads now powered by Peer5!

Go-go gadget P2P downloads!

We were contacted by Peer5 earlier today about their new product, the Peer5 Downloader. This thing is super cool, and allows your desktop browser to act as a P2P client when downloading files from BasketBuild. The bonus is that since all downloads are now P2P enabled, we should be able to handle EVEN MOAR traffic than we already do! Special shout-out to Billy and Hadar over at Peer5 for hitting us up!

Learn more about Peer5 here:


Download Counts

Thanks to Peer5's API (and some undocumented functions), we are now able to track downloads that have been completed (vs paused or canceled) with unprecidented accuracy. Download counts will now only reflect actual completed downloads!



We would really like your feedback on this new P2P download system, so please drop a comment below!

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